Happy Birthday, m’babe!

For a couple of years now, I’ve been studying photography/art/dharma in the style known as Miksang. My wife had first told me about it a few years ago, though, at the time, I didn’t really have an interest in things Buddhist. After seeing a CBC piece on Michael Wood, the gentleman that co-founded this approach, I nearly leapt out of my chair, pointing at the TV exclaiming “I wanna take pictures like that!”

The overall concept is to synchronize the eye and the mind. Some have called it “meditation with a camera”. I’ve jokingly commented to my teacher that Miksang was my gateway to sitting meditation in the Shambhala tradition.

Although years late to the table with this one, I’ve recently launched a daily photoblog-styled site, Fynesight.com, to showcase previous, current and future photographs of mine taken in the Miksang spirit.

Do stop by and have a look around.

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