Oh, Canada

So, there I was earlier this evening, standing on the grass next to the Credit River, a lovely breeze blowing in the dark; thousands of us gathered to watch the Canada Day fireworks. I had my hoodie pulled up, Molly bundled up in my arms as we watched the vibrant colours bursting in the sky.

One cheesy Canadian artist’s song finishes (I’m looking your way, Shania Twain) and the opening bars of The Kings’ “Switchin’ to Glide” rings out over the sound system. From the lights shining down, I see Molly’s eyes, wide as saucers, following the visual stimuli and occasionally looking to me with an excited and slightly WTF-look on her face.

I began to dance with my daughter as my wife and son sit back on the grass and take in the light show. My heart felt like it might burst with love, for my family and (kinda) for my country.

Sometimes, the right song at the right time…

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